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11th International Election Observation Mission of the CIS

Press Conference


We congratulate the Salvadoran people for your overwhelming participation and your commitment to strengthening the democratic process in El Salvador.  We congratulate the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal) for having successfully assumed many challenges and responsibilities in such a short period of time after their installation and with little time to implement the recent electoral reforms.  We congratulate the JRVs for carrying out such a heavy but important workload.  Their commitment and dedication facilitated the process and contributed to its transparency, something so fundamental in a democratic process.

Once again, the CIS observed the strengthening of the democratic process in El Salvador with the implementation of Pluralistic City Councils, the minimum 30% participation of female candidates and the direct vote for PARLACEN (Central American Parliament).  These reforms are product of much debate sustained throughout various years.  The process was calm and there was little violence and confrontation.  The participation of representatives of the political parties gave confidence and guaranteed the transparency in each phase of the process.

Although the crossover vote was a reform was ordered by the decision of the Constitutional Court, and it opened more options for voters, it also generated confusion and uncertainty surrounding the voting process and also generated a slow and complex count and scrutiny process.  The small amount of time to prepare and train the people involved in the process due to the obligation to implement said reforms with only three months to go also increased the uncertainty and confusion.

The TSE organized the complex process in a small amount of time, although there were things that could have been done better, for example, the lack of a trustworthy system for the transmission of results added to the uncertainty and they should take measures to improve this in the future.

The Campaign

-The campaigns were carried out calmly throughout the last days.

-Dirty campaigning was observed in social networks and pamphlets against Nayib Bukele and Guillermo Gallegos

-There was an ad on the television the day of the elections with ARENA colors inducing people to not vote for the FMLN

-The observers reported that the mayor of Cojutepeque was giving out free eye exams and glasses on Saturday February 28th, one day before the elections.

The voting process/The day of the election

Count and Scrutiny, transmission of results

-There was lots of confusion

Preliminary Recommendations

San Salvador, March 3rd, 2015.