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The Center of Interchange and Solidarity – CIS-   invites you to participate in the

13TH CIS International Election Observer Mission

Human Rights and Democracy in El Salvador 2019:

As a short term Observer:  January 28th – February 5th, 2019 (arrival and departure dates)

As a medium or long term Volunteer:

January 1 – March 30, 2019 (arrival and departure dates)

November 5th, 2018-April 4th, 2019 (arrival and departure dates)


Click HERE to download the application form now and send it to electionmission@cis-elsalvador.org

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 In the upcoming February 3, 2019 election, the people of El Salvador will elect the President and vice President of El Salvador.   If there is not a candidate who wins 50% +1 vote, there will be a run-off election on March 10th.   It is a priority to have observers in the first round, but CIS will also organize observers in the event of a second round. The CIS Mission plays an important role in providing objective observation, maintaining alert political parties tempted to manipulate the process, and providing important recommendations to strengthen the democratic process.

The elections come on the heels of the 2018 municipal and legislative elections, where there was an upset in the balance of traditional political party power. The right-wing ARENA party won a sweeping majority – even though it had 60,000 less votes than 3 years ago, and the FMLN received a strong message of discontent from its followers, losing 400,000 of its votes from the previous election.  

The former FMLN mayor, Nayib Bukele, who was expelled from the FMLN, has started the process to form a new political party, Nuevas Ideas (New Ideas), which has an up swell of support particularly from young people who have felt left out of the political process. The other right wing parties PCN and GANA also won a decent block of support in the elections. The 84 Legislative Assembly Deputies are divided as such:   ARENA 37; FMLN 23; GANA 11; PCN 8; PDC 3; CD 1; Independent candidate 1.   The FMLN does not have 1/3 or 28 seats in the assembly needed to weigh in on important votes that require a 2/3 majority, such as international loans, the election of the Human Rights Procurator, Supreme Court Magistrates, Election Tribunal Magistrates, among others, though in some cases the GANA party will align with the FMLN to provide a 1/3 vote block needed to pass some important decisions of a qualified majority (2/3 vote).

Current polls show the New Ideas Party with a clear majority of support from the population – however there is a perception in the communities where CIS works that ARENA and FMLN are trying to block it from gaining legal status as a political party to stop it from being able to compete in the elections. The other option is for New Ideas is to run with a smaller existing legal party, but it would take steam out of the new movement, since many of the existing political parties have lost the trust of the population. New Ideas is criticized for not having a clear political platform, but many base their support on the administration of Nayib Bukele as Mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán and then San Salvador, the country’s capital city, where he put into motion efficient administration, support for recreation, culture, education for youth, effective violence prevention programs with at risk youth, and safety measures that have brought people back to the streets of San Salvador after dark.

ARENA has elected Carlos Callejas as their presidential candidate. He is CEO and heir to the country’s largest supermarket chain, Super Selectos. He is projected for his youth and creating jobs (albeit poorly paying jobs) and ARENA sees him as a clear contender to beat Nayib Bukele.   Callejas has been in an alliance with Bill Clinton and Carlos Slim to create training and jobs in rural areas of El Salvador, but this unholy alliance is also questioned for their intent to bring metallic mining back to El Salvador.

The FMLN militants elected Hugo Martinez as their candidate. He has been the Minister of Foreign Relations for the past 9 years under President’s Mauricio Funes and Salvador Sanchez Ceren. He has a history of being a leader in the student movement at the University of El Salvador during the war as well as heading up an Institute for Political studies of the FMLN.   Many see his candidacy as a challenge to the current direction of the party and their top down model of organizing. Whether he will be able to lead internal structural reforms has yet to be seen, but it is also critical for the FMLN to rebuild its trust with its base after a strong electoral defeat.

The CIS program will include meetings and trainings for observers as well as opportunities to visit communities and learn more about Salvadoran reality.   Observers will meet with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the official electoral body in charge of elections, Political Parties competing in the elections, Election oversight boards, the Human Rights Procurators Office, and other institutions. CIS observers will be well trained and play an important role sharing objective observations and recommendations for reforms.

CIS program will also focus on human rights issues facing the country, especially immigrants’ rights, youth rights and gender rights. We will visit communities affected by immigration and deportation as well as CIS empowerment programs that generate alternatives to migration and violence. We will meet with women who are serving 30 – 40 year prison terms for alleged abortions, who in reality suffered miscarriages or still births, and the movement that is working to get these women out of prison as well as legislation to allow abortion in the event a women’s life is in danger or she is the victim of rape or incest.

IMG 1398

In country Program Fees: Fees do not include flights to and from El Salvador. You are responsible for booking and paying for your own flight on the recommended days. If you arrive early or stay late, the CIS can make additional hotel reservations for you upon request and let you know the additional costs.Please send your applications as soon as possible, but at least one month prior to start date. Fees are due one month prior to the start date.

Short-term Observer Delegation Program:   January 28 – Feb. 5, 2019. We recommend that you arrive in the morning or midday flight on January 28 to get full orientation and depart on the afternoon flight Feb. 5th so you can participate in the Tuesday morning press conference. Per Person cost for participation in program, translation, meals, all in country transportation from Jan 28 – Feb 5:

$900 – single room accommodation

$800 Double occupancy room

$700 Shared room (3-5 people)

$575 if you have your own housing. Breakfast will not be included, and you will have to get to the CIS or the Observer Hotel at indicated departure time. CIS will drop you off in the evening.

Observer applications due by December 14th, 2018.

Medium and Long term Observer Volunteers: Jan. 1 – March 30, 2019 or November 5, 2018 – April 5, 2019 (arrival and departure dates) will not be required to pay program fees. They will be responsible for covering flights and room and board expenses. CIS can arrange special discount family stay for medium and long term volunteers for $80 per week including breakfast and dinner; or $50 per week with no meals included. Spanish is a requirement to be a medium or long term volunteer. Applications due by Nov.1, 2018.


Two Observing


Observadores con  Padre Antonio


You can download an application form (http://cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/en/volunteer/election-observation-volunteer) or can request an application form.

To request an application form, more info and to send application:  electionmission@cis-elsalvador.org

Please send fees to:  LOS OLIVOS CIS / P.O. BOX 76 / Westmont, IL 60559 or pay on-line: http://cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/en/payments

For more information, please visit our website www.cis-elsalvador.org,

Like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/cis.elsalvador.org


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Voluntarias/os Escuela de Inglés http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/english-school-volunteer http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/english-school-volunteer

Para superar la situación de opresión, las personas primero deben reconocer críticamente sus causas, por lo que a través de la acción transformadora ellas puedan crear una situación nueva, una que haga posible la búsqueda de una humanidad más plena

-Paulo Freire


La Escuela de Inglés “Mélida Anaya Montes” está buscando voluntarias/os que quieran enseñar inglés en San Salvador, El Salvador. La Escuela está dedicada a enseñar inglés en un contexto que facilite crecimiento como seres humanos y contribuya al movimiento por la justicia social en El Salvador y el mundo. No pierdas esta emocionante oportunidad que provee un aprendizaje único de la mano de una experiencia educacional. Es una experiencia que indudablemente será desafiante y valiosa que cambiará tu forma de ver el mundo.




  • Contribuir con el movimiento social salvadoreño en su lucha por la justicia.
  • Apoyar a adultos/as involucrados/as en el movimiento social salvadoreño (miembros de partidos políticos, organizaciones sociales y de mujeres, excombatientes, etc...) incrementando su capacidad de trabajo y lucha por justicia. Además, apoyar a adultos que están interesados/as en obtener conocimiento relacionado a las injusticias recientes y de cómo pueden involucrarse en la lucha por una sociedad más justa.
  • Exponerse práctica y teóricamente a una pedagogía crítica y a técnicas de educación popular.
  • Volverse consiente de las estructuras opresoras  de la población salvadoreña.
  • Ser un vínculo integral en el proceso de concientización.
  • Ser parte del movimiento de solidaridad internacional.
  • Involucrarse en intercambios culturales y del idioma con salvadoreños/as.
  • Hacer una contribución concreta al desarrollo de El Salvador.
  • El CIS ofrece mitad de precio en clases de español a nuestros/as maestros/as de inglés. Además, después de 2 semanas del inicio del Programa Político-Cultural, los/as voluntarios/as pueden continuar participando a mitad de precio.


20121115 190139




  • Grupos de clase pequeños de 7 a 12 estudiantes.
  • Entrenamiento para ensenar inglés como segundo idioma usando la metodología de educación popular.
  • No es un requisito que los/as maestros/as de inglés hablen español. Para los/as interesados/as, las clases de español son a mitad de precio.
  • Dos semanas gratis del Programa Político-Cultural intensivo para aprender más sobre El Salvador. Después de las dos semanas, los/as voluntarias pueden inscribirse por semanas adicionales a mitad de precio (si hay 2 o más participantes).
  • Participar en una excursión de fin de semana a varios puntos de interés histórico y cultural en El Salvador.
  • Asistencia en encontrar alojamiento dentro de una red de familias salvadoreñas. (Los costos estimados mensuales son aproximadamente $400.00).
  • El tiempo mínimo de compromiso incluye 2 horas clase por tres tardes a ala semana, un grupo de discusión una vez a la semana, preparación de clases, reuniones para docentes un día por semana y talleres o refuerzo metodológico a lo largo del ciclo (10 – 15 horas por semana).
  • Oportunidades adicionales de enseñanza y voluntariado están disponibles.
  • Los/as maestros/as de inglés deben ser fluidos en el idioma.


Fechas restantes para los ciclos del 2016 y 2017


(Estas fechas incluyen los tres días de entrenamiento para voluntarios/as y un día de evaluación del fin de ciclo posterior a la graduación de los/as estudiantes)

        • Session 4 2018 :September 6thth → November 16th   Teacher Training: January 5, 6, & 7

          Classes Run: September 10th → November 16th

        • Session 1 2019:January 3rd → March 21   Teacher Training: January 3,4 & 5

          Classes Run: January 7th- March 21

        • Session 2 2019:March 28th → May 30th  Teacher Training: March 28,29 & 30

          Classes Run: April 1st - May 30th

        • Session 3 2019:June 6th → August 22 Teacher Training: June 6,7 & 8

          Classes Run: June 10th - August 22

        • Session 4 2019: September 5th → November 15th   Teacher Training: September 5,6 & 7

          Classes Run: September 9th - November 15th

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Youth Formation and Scholarship Program http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/26-youth-formation-and-scholarship-program http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/26-youth-formation-and-scholarship-program Interns will be assigned responsabilities depending on their personal abilities and the needs of the program at the moment.  Many volunteers are responsible for helping systematize manuals for grassroots educators for workshops with youth on various themes such as environment, analysis of Salvador reality, economic alternatives, gender, human rights, etc. Depending on the time of year, they are also often in charge of translating profiles for scholarship recipients in order to share data with donors.

IMG 7164

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the reality of youth in El Salvador and different challenges they face.
  • Learn about participatory methodology for workshop facilitation.
  • Strengthen Spanish and/or translation skills.

Some tasks the intern might perform include:

  • Help develop and facilitate workshops, with CIS grassroots organizing team, on diverse topics: environment, sexual and reproductive rights,
  •  women’s rights, human rights, organic gardening, mining, water filters, etc.
  • Systematization of formation workshops with youth carried out by CIS organizers.
  • Translate CIS scholarship and youth formation manual from Spanish to English
  • Translation of Scholarship Recipient Profiles
  • Help plan yearly scholarship retreat
  • Visit communities, take notes during meetings, write updates on how communities are doing.

Required Skills

  • Advanced Spanish written and/or oral skillsIMG 7058
  • Facilitation and/or education skills
  • Writing, editing, layout, and/or graffic design


Contribute to El Salvador's social movement in their struggle for justice.
• Gain practical and theoretical
participatory methodology for workshop facilitation.
• Become aware of the structures that oppress the people of El Salvador.
• Be an integral link in the consciousness raising process.
• Be a part of the international solidarity movement.
• Engage in cultural and language exchange with Salvadorans.
• Make a concrete contribution to the development of El Salvador.


-Orientation is provided upon arrival
-Assistance in finding housing within a network of Salvadoran host families  (Monthly living expenses are estimated to be approximately US $600)

-Minimum time commitment includes 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

-Minimum must commit 3 months

Dates for 2018 Sessions:

  • 2018 - Session 1: January 11st→ March 23rd 

  • 2018 -Session 2: April 5th → June 8th 

  • 2018 -Session 3: June 7th → August 24th 

These dates include a 3-day pre-service orientation and training for all volunteers.

For more information, please e-mail info@cis-elsalvador.org

IMG 7138

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Salvadoran Enterprises for Women Volunteer http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/24-salvadoran-enterprises-for-women-area http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/24-salvadoran-enterprises-for-women-area IMG 0513

Accompany CIS support to Salvadoran Enterprises for Women in rural areas with economic depression and low levels of formal education. The will include participating in evaluations

with women and writing up a written report of the results in both Spanish and English. For persons with business administration or related background can assist in developing and facilitating workshops on basic accounting, how to calculate costs and prices, commercialization and other business development workshops.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the economic reality of rural villages in El Salvador

    IMG 2737
  • Learn about the strengths and obstacles in developing businesses in areas of economic depression, low levels of education and other difficulties.

  • Learn participative methodology for workshop facilitation.

Some tasks the intern might perform include:

  • Accompany CIS grassroots promoters to evaluations with small businesses

  • Write up evaluations in Spanish and English

  • For persons with business administration or related background, assist in developing workshops on basic accounting, administration, commercialization, calculating costs, etc.

Required Skills

  • Bi-lingual: Spanish / English

    IMG 8771
  • Facilitation skills

  • Business, accounting, or other related skills

 ** for more information or to apply, please write to info@cis-elsalvador.org


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Voluntarios Organizacion Social http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/grassroots-organizing-volunteer http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/grassroots-organizing-volunteer Voluntarios para Organización Social

Breve descripción:

El role principal de los voluntarios para organización social es apoyar a los organizadores sociales del CIS que trabajan en diferentes comunidades en todo El Salvador. Trabajo especifico que estará basado en las necesidades de los programas así como las habilidades y preferencias de los voluntarios. Hay tres áreas específicas del programa. (Los solicitantes pueden nombrar una preferencia para cada programa con el que les gustaría trabajar). Las áreas son:

  • Empresas para mujeres salvadoreñas
  • Campana de agua limpia
  • Formación y becas escolares para los jóvenes 


Todas las áreas requieren las siguientes habilidades (requisitos adicionales se enumeran a continuación cuando son aplicables)

  • Bi-lingüe: español/inglés
  • Fuertes habilidades de coordinación de grupos 

Descripción detallada para cada área:


Los voluntarios acompañarán a los organizadores sociales/promotores del CIS como un apoyo a las empresas de mujeres en áreas rurales con circunstancias económicas depresivas y bajos niveles educativos. En las responsabilidades incluirán participar en las evaluaciones con las mujeres y redactar un informe de los resultados en ambos idiomas ingles y español. Los individuos con administración de empresas o conocimientos relacionados pueden ayudar en desarrollar y facilitar talleres básicos de contabilidad, calculando costos y precios, comercialización, y otros temas de desarrollo empresarial/comercial. (De preferencia con experiencia en: administración de empresas, contabilidad, derechos de las mujeres, y/o desarrollo de proyectos)

Resultados de Aprendizaje para los Voluntarios:

  • Aprender sobre la realidad económica de los pueblos rurales en El Salvador.
  • Aprender sobre las ventajas y dificultades del desarrollo empresarial en las áreas que enfrentan crisis económica, bajos niveles de educación y otras dificultades.
  • Aprender a usar una metodología participativa en la facilitación de talleres.


Los voluntarios apoyaran en la campaña de agua limpia del CIS. Esto incluirá defensa, educación, y capacitación en el uso de los filtros de agua en las comunidades de escasos recursos económicos. Los voluntarios acompañaran a los promotores del CIS en impartir talleres  para hacer conciencia sobre agua potable/limpia, distribución de filtros y su uso correcto, y la evaluación del uso de estos.(De preferencia experiencia en: medio ambiente, ciencias naturales y organización de comunidades)

Las actividades adicionales que los voluntarios pueden realizar incluyen:

Resultados de Aprendizaje:


Los voluntarios serán los responsables de desarrollar y facilitar talleres con el equipo de organizadores sociales del CIS. Los talleres son para jóvenes de edades entre 14 y 25 años que forman parte del Programa de Becas Escolares y Formación de Jóvenes del CIS y tocar varios temas como: medio ambiente, derechos sexuales y reproductivos, derechos de las mujeres, análisis de la realidad salvadoreña, derechos humanos, etc. Los voluntarios también ayudaran en sistematizar  y escribir guías y metodología para los responsables de los talleres.

 (De preferencia experiencia en: educación)

Las actividades adicionales que los voluntarios pueden hacer incluyen:

  • Traducir el manual de becas escolares y formación de jóvenes del CIS de español a inglés.

Resultados de Aprendizaje:

  • Aprender sobre la realidad y diferentes desafíos que enfrenta la juventud salvadoreña.
  • Aprender a usar metodología participativa en la facilitación de talleres.
  • Fortalecer/mejorar el idioma español y/o las habilidades de traducción.  

Otras habilidades deseadas/requeridas:

  • Escritura, edición/redacción, planificación y/o diseño gráfico.

 Beneficios para los Voluntarios de Organización Social

• Contribuir al movimiento social de El Salvador en la lucha por la justicia.
• Obtener habilidades prácticas y conocimiento teórico del uso de la metodología participativa en la facilitación de talleres.
• Tomar conciencia de las estructuras que oprimen s los salvadoreños.
• Ser un enlace en el proceso de concientización. 
• Ser parte de un movimiento solidario internacional.
• Abordar intercambios culturales y de idioma con salvadoreños.
• Contribuir concretamente al desarrollo de El Salvador.


  • La orientación es proporcionada al momento de llegada (incluyendo capacitación de primeros auxilios).
  • La asistencia es dada en la búsqueda de alojamiento dentro de una red de familias salvadoreñas que dan este servicio.
  • (Los gastos de estadía mensual esta estimado en aproximadamente en $400 dólares)
  • El tiempo mínimo de compromiso son de 8 horas diarias por 5 días a la semana.
  • Los interesados deben ser capaces de comprometerse a 1 de nuestras 9 semanas de reuniones.
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Clean Water Campaign http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/25-clean-water-campaign http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/index.php/es/volunteer/25-clean-water-campaign Support CIS campaign for clean water advocacy, education, and training on use of filters in communities with scarce economic resources. Accompany CIS promoter to communities to carry out workshops and install filters.DSCN2186

Learning Outcomes

  • Participative methodology and workshop facilitation.

  • Learn about water rights on the international level

  • Learn about water contamination, health impact, and obstacles for the economically poor.

Some tasks the intern might perform include:IMG 0220

  • Help systematize information on levels of contamination of water in communities, the impact of CIS campaign in the communities, through setting up data base.

  • Accompany CIS promoter in workshops on awareness raising about clean water, right to water, the link between contaminated water and health and environment, distribution of filters, evaluating use of filters, and how to use filters correctly.

  • Do community visits to evaluate impact of filter program and the impact of different filter systems.

Required Skills

  • Bi-lingual: Spanish / English

  • Education or workshop facilitation background

  • Plus –(optional) chemistry or science background related to testing water for parasites, amoebas, bacteria, chemicals or other contaminants.


-Orientation is provided upon arrival
-Assistance in finding housing within a network of Salvadoran host families  (Monthly living expenses are estimated to be approximately US $600)

-Minimum time commitment includes 8 hours a day, 5 days a weekDSCN2223

-Minimum must commit 2 months

Dates for 2018 Sessions:

2018 Session 1: Jan 8th-March 23rd

2018 Session 2: April 5th-June 6th

2018 Session 3: June 7th- Sept 5th

2018 Session 4: Sept 6th-Dec 6th. 

These dates include a 3-day pre-service orientation and training for all volunteers.

For more information, please e-mail info@cis-elsalvador.org

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